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Mission Statement of PAW and Athletics

The mission statement of NCSSM Physical Activity and Wellness is simple and hits three main points, “Provide a VARIETY OF ACTIVITIES that will REACH ALL STUDENTS and influence LIFETIME DECISIONS and create a healthy lifestyle.”  As a department we want to make accessible activities available that lead to a lifetime of healthy outcomes for our students throughout their lives.

In our athletic programs, we want to compete with Integrity, Respect and Unity.  These are values that we want to emphasize during the two years that our students are at NCSSM.  Our coaches and administrators will work on these values in everything that they do as they mentor the student athletes.

INTEGRITY - your core, you are only as good as your actions.

RESPECT - sportsmanship and character, respecting others as well as earning mutual respect.

UNITY - teamwork, a unified team will do more than the work of an individual.